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Coaching & Self-branding

"Coaching is unlocking people's potential to maximize their
own performance"

Sir John Whitmore

Companium specializes in Luxury & Lifestyle Hospitality professional coaching.
We have an extensive experience in the International hospitality industry and luxury hospitality management, completed by a strong knowledge on the Corporate world.
We have been trained in professional coaching to support executives who wish to develop their accomplishment
Having worked on different continents, we are able to adapt to diverse cultures and backgrounds to coach any employees, with respect and trust.

Let's unlock your potential together !


Professional coaching goals

Whether it's developing a coaching leadership style, developing emotional intelligence (EQ) in a working environment, solving interpersonal issues, shifting mindset and limiting beliefs, empowering one’s teams, or building self-confidence, we can support you and your teams.


Self-branding to get ready for your next challenge

Get ready for your next executive position

We provide a unique mentoring service to be more performant in your job search: in several sessions we work on your career plan, we develop efficient personal communication tools both in substance and form – such as an impactful CV, LinkedIn profile – in order to get yourself ready for the next stage of your career.
We help you to value your past experience, identify your hard and soft skills, your Unique selling point – USP - and develop a clear career plan, in order to differentiate yourself and succeed in your search of your future role.
We can also train yourself for interviews to be more impactful and differentiate yourself from the competitors.

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Why choose a coaching or mentoring with Companium ?

Let’s see if our key selling points are appealing to you:

  • We have a strong knowledge of the corporate world, having experience in International hotel Groups

  • We have developed leadership skills managing large teams, with cross-cultural challenges

  • We are adaptable to diverse cultures and backgrounds, thanks to our working experience in Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East

  • We are experts of the luxury Hospitality management

  • We are trained by recognized a coaching organization - Performance Consultants International - PCI

Let's unlock your potential together !

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