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Companium specializes in Executive positions for the high-end, luxury and lifestyle hospitality groups.

Our clients are International hotel groups, independent hotels or hotel groups, family offices.

Our key markets are Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa, however, we follow candidates from all over the world.

Our niche market focuses on senior positions, Executives at a board level working directly with owners or shareholders, as well as on-property senior positions.

Hospitality Executive search


Why could you choose to work with Companium for your Executive Recruitment ?

We are hoteliers !

We have more than 15 years of experience in luxury hotel groups, this makes the difference to assess the candidates on their hard skills and abilities to be performant in their missions.

We have an operational & strategic hospitality experience ideal to understand your needs.

Coaching skills

To clarify your requests, as well as the candidate's soft skills, to ensure the teams will bond and work efficiently together.

International network of candidates

An extensive network of Senior executives working for Hospitality Groups that we follow over the years : at a corporate level or on property.

Strategic search


Our strategic mapping helps us define objective and targeted hunting criteria with our clients to spot the right profile.

Therefore, 100% of our clients are satisfied and 95% of the Executives we placed still work for the same group 2 years after their placement.


Contact us for those key assignments

  • Managing Director 

  • Chief Operating Officer 

  • Chief Financial Officer 

  • Senior Vice President Commercial 

  • Chief Marketing Officer 

  • Sales VP - Marketing VP - Communication VP 

  • Human Resources VP

  • Revenue Management VP

  • Group Director of Operations

  • General Manager 

  • Hotel Manager

  • Executive Committee members 

  • Director of Food & Beverage 

  • Director of Sales and Marketing

  • Director of Room Division 

  • Director of Revenue Management

  • Director of Human Resources

  • Executive Chef - Michelin-starred head Chef

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You're looking for your next challenge

within the luxury or lifestyle hospitality

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We develop close relationships with our candidates, we know them personally, we follow their careers and we help them reach the next stage of professional path.
In one word, we are their professional agent.

We appreciate their values, their strengths, their expectations in terms of positions, location, types of groups they want to work for, their packages; this is the best way to match our candidates with the perfect mission.


If you’d like us to be your professional agent, and if you recognize yourself in below description (sorry, we work on a niche market), let’s be in touch.

  • You’re a luxury or lifestyle Hospitality Executive

  • With minimum 15 years of experience for Hotel or Restaurant Groups

  • Either for an International Group or an independent owner, a family office or a hotel asset management group

  • At a Corporate Level or on property, at a senior management level

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We help candidates develop their personal branding

The luxury hospitality industry is a competitive environment.
To get ready for you next challenge, having a clear career plan and mastering your “self sales speech” are key success factors.

We help you value your past experience, identify your hard and soft skills, work on your Key Selling Points – KSP -  in order to differentiate yourself, and get ready for the next stage.