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Hospitality education

Hospitality education

companium education

Passing on Hospitality knowledge

On top of our main missions, as passionate about luxury and lifestyle hospitality management, with a true International experience in this field, we are eager to pass on our knowledge to the new generations of Hospitality Managers.

We share our experience, expertise, and sources of inspiration with new concepts of Luxury and lifestyle hospitality.

Lecturer or guest speaker for Business schools and Hospitality Managment schools, we enjoy the contact with students, we are proud to train the next future hospitality executives!

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companium education methodology


To maximize the transmission of Hospitality knowledge, we use participatory teaching methods, supported by business cases, videos, brainstorming, teamwork and role plays.

​We consider students as Hospitality professionals, we empower them so that they take ownership of their learning.

This is the best way to ensure the students get involved, enjoy the module and remember the content of the course, to sum up “they learn while enjoying”.

The satisfaction of the students is our priority.

Hospitality Cheat sheets

We have also developed tools for the students, such as Cheat Sheets, which can be downloaded here

companium source of inspiration

Source of inspiration

We are eager to arouse the curiosity of our students, and open their mind to new concepts within the Luxury and Lifestyle Hospitality industry.

This is why we constantly look for innovative Hospitality brands, new concepts, hotel and restaurant openings around the world as source of inspiration for our students.

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Companium hospitality mentoring network

Hospitality Mentoring network

You’re a student and you're destined for a career in the luxury or lifestyle hospitality industry.

Imagine you could have a professional mentor, a Hospitality Executive with a senior position, a person whose career path inspires you.

Your mentor could follow you during your studies, support you in your hospitality career first steps and help you take the right decisions, in line with your professional plan.

This can become true with our Hospitality Mentoring program.

Once we’ve identified your professional project, we put you in touch with one of the Hospitality Mentors from our extensive network around the world.

Contact us to apply for this program

companium hospitality insights

Hospitality news, trends & resources,

such as our Cheat Sheets

Discover our hospitality insights

Discover our hospitality insights

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