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Hospitality Consulting

Hospitality Consulting

Companium, with a network of luxury and lifestyle hospitality executives, supports you to start up, maintain or grow your Hospitality businesses, on both strategic and operational levels.

When it comes to openings, acquisitions of new hospitality assets or development of existing properties, it is crucial to have a clear strategy in place, as well as a concrete action plan, to ensure the expected performance is achieved.

hospitality consulting companium

How to stand out from the competition ?

Nowadays, in the luxury hospitality industry, having an excellent product and an amazing service is no longer enough.
Meeting high quality standards has become the norm. Clients are demanding, they expect more.

The luxury codes are jostled by the development of the lifestyle high-end hospitality, to match younger generations such as Millenials.

Customers look for real experiences, they search for unique concepts that provide emotions, hotel or restaurant brands that take risks, places they either love or hate but that do not leave indifferent.

Hospitality trends

The search for unique experience, true emotions, the authenticity of the place, which passes through its history, its link with its location, but also the consideration of the local environment.

Our consumers expect hospitality brands to pay attention to sustainability, on various pillars: economic, environmental and ethic.

Let's work together 
on the development of your hospitality concepts

hospitality experience companium

How can we help you develop your performance ?

Market studies

We analyse your current situation, competition, pricing, customers, team organization, positioning, definition of the product / service; we analyse of the actions in place to provide implementable strategic recommendations.

Sales strategy

We analyse the key feeder markets for your asset, in terms of segmentation - Corporate, High-End Leisure, MICE - key nationalities or distribution channels, as well as your sales missions to develop an efficient sales strategy.

Marketing and communication strategy

We analyse your strengths, your weaknesses, your competitive environment, to identify your unique selling points and develop an impactful positioning. Your story telling will help build up your brand strategy.

Hospitality organization

We assess your current team organization and provide recommendations on needed profiles, as well as training to enhance your teams. We assist you in the recruitment of Executives with luxury or lifestyle experience.

hospitality consulting companium

Why entrust your missions to Companium Hospitality ?

Luxury operational and strategic expertise

Experienced in luxury hotel and restaurant groups, we well know that your operational challenges need to be taken into consideration in the development of your strategy.

Knowledge of key high-end markets and segments

Having worked in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa, we understand the uniqueness, the expectations and the challenges that each region represents.

The expertise of Corporate, high-end Leisure, MICE clienteles is key to build up a strategy, as well as knowledge of how to activate them - via which systems and networks.

Excellent knowledge of the trendiest hospitality brands

As passionate about luxury and lifestyle hospitality industry, an Lecturers for Tourism Business schools, the newest brands, concepts, hotels & restaurants innovations have no secret for us!

That is an important source of inspiration to help our clients in their developments.

A network of competencies

Our network of Luxury Hospitality experts provides outsourced services, such as Sales and Marketing strategies, Executive recruitments or Quality assurance - mystery shopping.

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