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We are your career Agent

As your dedicated agent, we invest time to truly understand your aspirations and your vision for the next step of your career in the hospitality industry.

Our primary role is to introduce you to exclusive and confidential work opportunities that align seamlessly with your personal and professional goals.

Once you express interest, count on us to represent you in the best possible light to our client, offering interview coaching, unwavering support throughout the process, and guidance for months after your onboarding.

Our commitment goes beyond a one-time recruitment; we aim to build a lasting relationship that nurtures your career success over time.

Our niche sectors

luxury hotels and resorts groups job research companium hospitality

Luxury Hotels & Resorts groups

Our clients are palaces, 5-star luxury hotels and resorts, small to medium-sized ultraluxury groups, as well as internationally renowned luxury and ultraluxury hospitality companies.

on property roles companium hospitality

On-Property roles

We specialize in identifying and recruiting top managers for the most prestigious palaces, luxury hotels, resorts, and high-end lifestyle restaurants, worldwide and fine dining.

  • General Managers (GM) 


  • Hotel Managers (HM) and Executive Assistant Managers (EAM)


  • Executive Committee (ExCom) positions

Director of Food and Beverage - Director of Sales & Marketing - Director of Revenue - Director of Finance - Director of Human Resources - Director of Wellness & Spa - Executive Chef...

corporate level roles companium hospitality

Corporate-level roles

We specialize in sourcing top-tier candidates for hospitality groups, including luxury hotel groups and high-end lifestyle restaurant brands.

  • C-Suite level positions

Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) - Chief of Asset Management - Chief of Development - Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) - Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)...

  • Vice President level positions

VP of Hotel Operations - VP of F&B Operations - VP of Sales and Marketing - VP of Human Resources - VP of Finance - VP of Hotel Development - VP of Wellness...

Why trust CØMPANIUM Hospitality

CØMPANIUM Hospitality's blend of deep industry expertise, unwavering commitment to trust and confidentiality, and our role as your dedicated professional agent, positions us as a premier choice for senior managers seeking to advance their careers in the luxury hospitality sector.

  • Industry Experts:
    Our deep industry expertise, supported by sector data and insights, a robust network, and partnerships with prestigious clients in luxury hospitality, ensures that we not only understand your career aspirations but also assist you in taking the next step in your career.

  • Trust & Confidentiality:
    We build long-term relationships grounded in respect and discretion, ensuring your career advancement is handled with the utmost care.

  • Your Dedicated Partner:
    As your professional agent, we provide access to exclusive opportunities, negotiate your packages, and support your career advancement in the luxury hospitality sector. We offer personalized coaching, ensure continuous follow-up, and build genuine, long-lasting relationships to help you achieve your professional goals.

restaurant groups executive research

High-end lifestyle standalone Restaurant groups

Our clients are  high-end lifestyle & fine dining restaurant groups with a footprint in cosmopolitan cities around the world. Leaders  in concept creation in the restaurant industry, they offer an authentic dining experience : innovative approach, strong culinary concepts, outstanding design as well as world-famous chefs.

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