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on property roles companium hospitality

On-Property roles

We specialize in identifying and recruiting top managers for the most prestigious palaces, luxury hotels, resorts, and high-end lifestyle restaurants, worldwide and fine dining

  • General Managers (GM) 


  • Hotel Managers (HM) and Executive Assistant Managers (EAM)


  • Executive Committee (ExCom) positions

Director of Food and Beverage - Director of Sales & Marketing - Director of Revenue - Director of Finance - Director of Human Resources - Director of Wellness & Spa - Executive Chef...

corporate level roles companium hospitality

Corporate-level roles

We specialize in sourcing top-tier candidates for hospitality groups, including luxury hotel groups and high-end lifestyle restaurant brands.

  • C-Suite level positions

Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) - Chief of Asset Management - Chief of Development - Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) - Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)...

  • Vice President level positions

VP of Hotel Operations - VP of F&B Operations - VP of Sales and Marketing - VP of Human Resources - VP of Finance - VP of Hotel Development - VP of Wellness...

Welcome to CØMPANIUM Hospitality

Luxury Hospitality Executive Search

CØMPANIUM Hospitality is a specialized recruitment agency focusing on the placement of executives and top managers within  the luxury and ultraluxury hospitality sector. 

We connect top-tier hospitality brands and lifestyle restaurant groups with accomplished industry executives to find perfect leadership matches and career opportunities.

Excellence is just a connection away.

Our niche sectors

Luxury hotel resort group companium hospitality

Luxury Hotels & Resorts groups

Our clients are palaces, 5-star luxury hotels and resorts, small to medium-sized ultraluxury groups, as well as internationally renowned luxury and ultraluxury hospitality companies.

High-end lifestyle standalone Restaurant groups

We also work with  high-end lifestyle & fine dining restaurant groups with a footprint in cosmopolitan cities around the world.
Leaders  in concept creation in the restaurant industry, they offer an authentic dining experience : innovative approach, strong culinary concepts, outstanding design as well as world-famous chefs.

high-end lifestyle standalone restaurant group companium hospitality
our unique approach companium hospitality

Our unique Approach

We are proud to be the trusted partner of both clients and candidates. 
Our first-hand experience and insider’s understanding of the hospitality industry establish us as a trustworthy partner for hospitality leaders. 
Being from the industry ourselves, we bring a unique perspective of the skills and expectations required for each executive role within luxury and lifestyle hospitality.


We are your career agent

  • We act as your dedicated career agent, understanding your aspirations 

  • We introduce you to exclusive, confidential opportunities aligned with your goals

  • We provide interview coaching and support throughout the process

  • We aim for a lasting relationship, offering guidance even after onboarding


We are your ambassador

  • We analyse our clients' unique contexts and requirements to approach the perfect candidates

  • We embody our clients' strategic vision, encouraging candidates to consider the opportunity 

  • Our trusted network allows us to engage passive candidates

  • Clients gain access to high-quality candidates not actively seeking new opportunities

companium hospitality

Global Reach, Local Expertise

Connecting top-tier candidates with exceptional opportunities worldwide 
Whether you are a Hospitality Group in search of  the ideal candidate or a highly qualified hospitality manager pursuing an executive career in the hospitality industry, on property or at the Corporate-level, we are your strategic partner for success

City luxury hotels,  resorts, high-end standalone restaurants
New York, Miami, Los Angeles

United States

Iconic Palaces, hotels & resorts
Mainly in Marrakech

North Africa

Idyllic luxury & ultraluxury resorts
St. Barts, St Martin, The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, British Virgin Islands


Iconic hotels and Palaces & resorts, as well as high-end restaurants
France, UK, Spain, Mediterranean Sea…
Luxury hospitality groups


Luxurious city hotels, desert retreats, 5-star resorts
High-end standalone restaurants
UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman…
Luxury hospitality groups

Middle East

Top  luxury resorts and private residences 
Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles

Indian Ocean

Top tier city hotels & resorts and hospitality groups
Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Bangkok


Dreamy ultraluxury resorts
French Polynesia, Fiji

Pacific Ocean

recrutement resort luxe companium hospitality
recrutement Hotel luxe companium hospitality
recrutement hotel luxe companium hospitality
Recrutement hotel resort companium hospitality
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